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Geltra Technologies LLP

Geltra Technologies,  a manufacturer of electronic products, was established in the year 1982. It was the remarkable beginning of genuine solutions to day needs of house holds firms and industries. Geltra inverters was one among the first generation inverters in Kerala that was beginning of new epoch.

Our Marketing Segment

G M Associates– Geltra Marketing Associates is one of the leading marketing group having decades of service history in the field of electronic and electrical products. GM Associates is contributing the unending Inquires in the field of electrical and electronic spheres.

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Assured Quality

Quality assurance and control is involved at all stages to ensure that our products are of the highest quality and are safe & reliable. Our network of sales and support facilities enables us to provide local customer support across technical sales, design engineering, operations & logistics.

Advanced Technology

We ensure that our product offering is at the leading edge of power technology, conforming to the latest legislation and employing state-of-the-art components and production technology.

Best Customer Support

We will establish and maintain effective relationships with our customers and gain their trust and respect. We will always act with our customers in mind. We are committed to provide our best service and support in the most professional manner.

Best After-Sales Service

Our customer-centric focus and dedication extend to all aspects of our business from Technological advancements and engineering processes to after-sales customer care.

Efficient R&D Team

Our Research and Development team have worked long and hard to consistently provide the very best in products and services to all our valued customers.

Timely Upgradation

Being a manufacturer of UPS/Inverters, Solar systems and other electronic products, Geltra Technologies is committed to keep upgrading and improving to provide excellent services and quality products to our valued customers.

Our Commitment

We, The Geltra Tecjnologies LLP,  are committed to deliver products and services that surpass customer expectations in value and every aspect of customer services, while remaining to be prudent and trustworthy stewards of their system. We are committed to provide our customers with superior quality product over the long term.

Our core values of Integrity, Knowledge, Flexibility, Speed and Customer Focus are deeply rooted in our DNA.

It is not only about doing things right. We abide by the principle of doing the right things. Treating customers fairly is of utmost importance to us. If we can promise, we will deliver. If we cannot deliver, we will never promise.

About G.M Associates

G.M. Associates – Geltra Marketing Association – is a leading marketing group established in 1982. Since then it has been marketing a comprehensive range of electrical and electronic products as well as a wide range of Tubular and Automotive Batteries.

The customer has always been at the center of our business and we constantly expanding our ways of reaching out to them to understand their needs and aspirations. Passion for delivering with excellence has always motivated us to come up with high quality products to ensure satisfaction and the well-being of the families.

Our service does not end after the product handover, in fact it is only the beginning. Our team believes in keeping our customers close and aims to be your preferred vendor.

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